Public Jobs

Bids due in 21 days
3/14/19 2:00 pm
Lexington - Pelham Road Sewer Improvements
Town of Lexington
Pelham Road
Installation of 1,100 feet of new 8" PVC sewer main. Contractor qualifications include experience installing deep sewer.
Bids due in 12 days
3/5/19 2:00 pm
Hopkinton - 2019 General Materials and Services
Town of Hopkinton - Engineering
Town of Hopkinton
General Materials and Services
Bids due in 7 days
2/28/19 11:00 am
Georgetown - William Marshall Well Replacement
Weston & Sampson
Georgetown, MA
William Marshall Well Replacement
Bids due in 14 days
3/7/19 10:00 am
Plainville - Replacement of Mirimichi St Bridge
BETA Group, Inc.
Plainville, MA
Bridge Replacement
Bidding Closed
2/21/19 11:00 am
Scituate - Water Main Replacement Phase 3C
Weston & Sampson
Scituate, MA
Water Main Replacement Phase 3C
Bids due in 15 days
3/8/19 11:00 am
DWWD - High Street and Pond Street Water Main Replacements
Weston & Sampson
High Street and Pond Street Water Main Replacements
Bids due today at 2:00pm
2/21/19 2:00 pm
Winchester - 2019 Lead Service Replacement
Weston & Sampson
Winchester, MA
2019 Lead Service Replacement
Bids due in 6 days
2/27/19 10:00 am
Maynard - Fowler School Field Renovations
Town of Maynard Department of Public Works
Fowler School, 3 Tiger Drive, Maynard, MA
Grading, core drilling, sand capping, and seeding.
Bids due in 7 days
2/28/19 11:00 am
Clinton - Walnut Street Roadway Improvement Project
GCG Associates, Inc
Clinton, MA
Roadway Improvement
Bidding Closed
2/20/19 10:00 am
Winchester - Roof replacement & associated work at the DPW Maintenance Facility & Park Dept. Bldg.
Town of Winchester
Winchester MA
The project consists of the demolition of an existing roof and roof deck and the installation of a new EPDM Roof system at the DPW Maintenance Facility. There is an Alternate to replace the existing roof systems at the Parks Department Building.